Bixler Corporation’s IICRC (Clean Trust) Certified Technicians—Trusted &Trained

Why is it important to hire a company that’s IICRC Certified?

When you put your trust in Bixler Corporation, you can be confident that the technicians who show up at your door have met the rigorous standards for certification. This ensures that you will be dealing with cleaning and restoration specialists who have a high degree of training and experience. When you hire a company without this certification, the technician may not be skilled enough to complete the work. We promise our customers outstanding service, and we deliver it time and time again.

The IICRC’s certification acts as a guarantee that Bixler Corporation cares about the health and safety of its clients. Bixler Corporation’s IICRC certification allows us to remove potentially dangerous pollutants during the cleaning process without leaving any harmful chemicals behind.

Read more about IICRC certification.

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