Office Cleaning


Having a clean and healthy work environment has a positive impact on employee morale and efficiency. Choosing the right partner to clean your facility is critical to achieving such an environment.

The cornerstone to a successful cleaning program is good engineering. Giving employees an unreasonable assignment will frustrate them and cause them to be less and less efficient every day. Not giving employees a heavy-enough assignment causes the same kind of deterioration in productivity. Good engineering is finding the perfect balance between a challenging assignment and overloading an employee. Good engineering also entails organizing job assignments to maximize efficiency.

Another fundamental to a good cleaning program starts with good training of employees. Every new employee in our company goes through a customized training program designed to familiarize the employee with all the tools and resources available, how to use them, how to get help when needed, and how to communicate effectively with our clients. In addition, a trainer works side-by-side with a new employee until this person is comfortable with his/her work assignment. Training doesn’t stop at this point. Ongoing adjustments and coaching continue. Especially in larger facilities making modern tools available to our staff is the key to making them more efficient. Employees are happy to have good tools. What this means to our clients is that we have happier employees, doing better quality work in less time, allowing us to be more competitive.

We take our commitments to our clients very seriously. We have tracking systems in place to make sure that employees do, indeed, execute their duties. Should an employee need to be absent, we have systems in place to see to it that a cross-trained employee fills in for the person needing to be absent.

Another commitment that we take seriously is security. We screen our employees heavily, including a psychological profile that scans for tendencies for workplace violence, drug use, theft, and deception. We work with a wide variety of clients with differing security needs. Keys, codes, alarms, security companies—all are familiar to us. In addition, all of our employees are bonded, and we carry $2,000,000 worth of liability insurance.

Finally, working with the Bixler Corporation has the advantage of being locally owned. This means that the owner is involved on a daily basis with the operation of the company. He is but a phone call away.