Office Cleaning FAQs

I am interested in three-day-a- week cleaning for our office? Do you provide this?
We specialize in five-day-a-week service. We do occasionally take on client’s that need less than 5 days a week service.
What size office can you clean?
We specialize in facilities that demand automated equipment and knowledge of how to engineer larger facilities.
We have lots of sensitive information and expensive equipment. How do I know we can trust your staff to be careful and honest while they are in our offices?
Our employees are carefully screened and must pass a specialized psych profile as well as a background check. We also teach appropriate behavior while working in a client’s facility.
How does your staff know what to clean every time they come to our office?
Employees are taught to use a Checklist developed for each client. Every night they check off assigned duties.
Will somebody be checking on the staff you have in our building?
Yes. We have staff of full-time employees that do nothing but check on and train employee.
Do you provide toilet paper, paper towels, soap, etc.?
We bill for all disposable goods separately. All items are delivered directly to the client’s closet.
What kind of training do you provide your employees?
We have a customized training program that each employee must complete. Someone works side-by-side with a new employee until they are comfortable with their assigned duties.
Are you bonded and insured?
Yes. We carry $2,000,000 worth of liability and $250,000 bond that does not require a conviction.
What kind of equipment do you use?
Our approach to equipment is to buy only the best and only the most efficient. This approach lends itself well to large facilities where we can take advantage of the efficiencies that we gain from having this type of equipment.
What other services beside cleaning do you provide?
We do stripping and waxing of floors, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, ceramic tile cleaning, and construction clean up. We also do water damage mitigation and fire and mold remediation and reconstruction.
We are going through remodeling. Do you do that kind of cleaning?
Yes. See the page on Construction Clean Up.
When we have special requests, how do you handle these?
For small requests, a note can be left in our Communication Log designed to communicate between our staff and our clients. For example, “The boxes by the back door are trash. Please dispose.” For larger requests, such as cleaning carpet, we ask that clients call or email our office.