Office Cleaning Tips

  1. Not all janitorial firms are created equal. Staffing, resources, equipment, management, experience—all these components come together to determine the quality of a firm.
  2. Janitorial firms sell time. The government sets the base for how much time is worth. Pricing is simply the time it takes to complete a task time the cost of the labor.
  3. Building an unreasonable set of specifications for your facility such as “daily dusting,” “daily telephone disinfecting,” generates what in our industry is called “a last liar wins” result in the pricing you receive from prospective contractors.
  4. The more a client is willing to partner with and be involved with a contractor, the more value a client will derive from the contractor, both in customer satisfaction and lower cost.
  5. Staff members who clean buildings nightly, generally speaking, do not have the training and expertise to strip and wax floors, clean windows, and so on. This requires employees with additional training and experience, and, ideally, certifications.
  6. Looking for a janitorial firm that is IICRC certified and has certified technicians will ensure that you derive a satisfactory result on project work such as carpet cleaning.
  7. If you have a larger facility, one important question to ask a prospective contractor is “What type of automated equipment do you plan to use in my facility?” Without automated equipment, work will simply not get done because there aren’t enough hours to complete the work.
  8. Make sure your contractor is carrying adequate work comp insurance or the liability will fall on you.