How soon can I use the space after it has been stripped and waxed?
Two hours after the last coat of finish dries to the touch.
Do we need to move everything?
Ideally, everything except large pieces of furniture needs to be moved. Otherwise, if something is moved after a floor is stripped and waxed, it will be obvious where that piece was sitting.
How much shine will my floor have after you have waxed it?
If we are using a high-gloss finish, your floor should look wet.
How long will the shine last on the floor?
This depends greatly on the daily care your floor receives.
I haven’t had this done in a long while. What’s involved in stripping and waxing?
Stripping and waxing involves removing all the old finish, down to the bare floor, and then building coats of finish to achieve a high-gloss appearance.
What’s the difference between stripping and waxing and scrubbing and recoating?
Scrubbing and recoating involves removing only the dirty layers of finish and then applying coats of finish on top of the clean floor. This process capitalizes on previous coats of finish and gives the maximum appearance possible.
Is it better to scrub and recoat or strip and wax?
If a floor is scratched and marred beyond the point of successfully scrubbing and recoating, then stripping is the only viable course of action. Otherwise, scrubbing and recoating is always preferable because you get to take advantage of the previous coats of finish.
How many coats of finish do you normally apply?
Three to six coats, depending on the type of finish and the type of usage a floor receives.
How often should I strip and wax my floors?
Floors can go years without being stripped all the way to bare tile if they are maintained properly and scrubbed and recoated periodically.
What chemical should I use to clean my floor on a regular basis?
A good neutral PH floor detergent will not leave a film or damage the finish.
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