Construction Clean UP FAQs

What type of facilities do you clean?
Large, small, Class A office space to industrial space. We do it all.
How do you price construction clean up?
All of our construction clean up is done on a time-and-materials basis. This gives our clients the reward for keeping a job site clean and saves any discussion over how many times a room or area has to be cleaned because of additional construction.
What kinds of surfaces can you clean?
At the moment, we don’t know of any surface that we cannot clean.
How far will you travel to do construction clean up?
The answer to this question depends greatly on the size and scope of the project. We have traveled several hours outside of Springfield for the right project.
How do you handle changes in the scope of work?
Because we are on the time and materials basis, we simply respond positively to any request the client has.
How far out should I plan to schedule my construction clean-up project?
Typically, we are at least two weeks out.
What kinds of tools and equipment do you bring to the job?
We own all of the latest high-tech tools, and we bring whatever is appropriate to the job site.
Do you have experienced cleaners?
Yes. Not only are our cleaners experienced, several of them carry IICRC certification.
Do you do windows?
How long will it take to complete a job?
The length of time for job is determined by the size and scope of the project and the condition in which we find it. One to two days is pretty typical. Larger projects, of course, will take longer.