Construction Clean UP Tips

  1. Making sure your contractor is adequately insured is important because all of the surfaces this company will be cleaning will be brand new. If any of them are damaged, you want to be sure the contractor can afford to replace them.
  2. Having a contractor with adequate experience who knows how to clean a wide variety of surfaces, making them sparkling clean, is paramount. The wrong chemical on the wrong surface is disaster.
  3. To ensure a pleasing walk-through, hire a contractor who can meet deadlines.
  4. The cleaner you leave the facility, the less it will cost to have the final construction clean-up done.
  5. Time-and-materials construction cleaning requires trust that a contractor will work in a timely and efficient manner and have the right tools to complete the job. When that trust exists and a contractor delivers, the cost is far less than fixed-price work.
  6. Checking references on a company that works on a time-and-materials basis can raise your comfort level and provide the trust necessary to realize this benefit.