Crawl Space FAQs


How will I know if my crawl space really does have mold?
You have two options:

  1. You can pay to have a hygienist evaluate your crawl space.   A good hygienist will give you a spore count of the mold in your crawl space.  Tell you exactly what type or types of mold you have in your crawl space and write a scope of work for what should be done to mitigate your crawl space.
  2. You can have Bixler Corporation evaluate your crawl space. We will write a line by line estimate that follows the only the highest standards for mitigating a crawl space.  We treat every crawl space the same way no matter what type of mold you have or how much you have.
When should I have my crawl space vents opened/closed?
 They should be opened in the spring and closed late fall.
Why do I have mold in my crawl space?
Mold is everywhere. That’s why when a hygienist does a mold test they compare the outside conditions with the inside. The problem occurs when moisture is added.
Why do I have mold in my crawl space?
 Mold is everywhere. That’s why when a hygienist does a mold test they compare the outside conditions with the inside.  The problem occurs when moisture is added.  Elevated amounts of moisture in your crawl space is what causes mold. That’s why we help you identify what is causing the moisture intrusion.  It’s imperative the moisture intrusion problem is solved.
What can I do to prevent my crawl space from molding in the future?

1. Make sure its properly ventilated.

a. Humidistat fans can be installed to assist with this if necessary.

2. Make sure you have a properly installed vapor barrier that is at least 10 mil.

3. Sealing your crawl space with an antimicrobial sealer makes a huge difference in prevention

Why should I dry my crawl space? If I don’t dry my crawl space, what will happen?
 A wet crawl space will mold. If you already have mold, a crawl space cannot be properly mitigated without being dried.  Again, a wet crawl space will mold.
Is a vapor barrier really necessary?
 In a word yes! There is naturally occurring moisture in the ground underneath your house.  You don’t want that moisture causing problems in your crawl space.
Can I just use bleach to get rid of the mold?
Bleach will not get rid of or kill mold. It will change the color and feed the mold with additional moisture.  After all, most bleach is at least 95% water.
Do I have to mitigate my entire crawl space when there are only parts of the crawl space that appear to be affected?
 While it appears that there isn’t any mold in some places, it is virtually impossible to guarantee that is the case.  In addition, leaving parts of the wood structure unsealed is asking for those areas to be a problem in the future.
Does my crawl space really need to be sealed?
 Sealing a crawl space is the difference between eliminating a mold problem today and eliminating a mold problem for a long time.  
Is there something I can spray on the mold to kill it?
 Mold must be mechanically removed. Furthermore, even mold that is now longer “living,” can give off the same micotoxins that we as humans react to. 





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