Crawl Space Tips


  1. A molded crawl space won’t pass a home inspection if you are selling your home.
  2. Putting off dealing with a molded crawl space only gets more expensive, not less.
  3. Have your crawl space mitigated by a certified/licensed restoration firm.
  4. Check references before you hire anyone.
  5. Don’t let anyone try to dry your crawl space with a torpedo heater. The carbon monoxide will kill you; and these heaters put 5-8 gallons of moisture a day into the air in your crawl space..
  6. Consider having a third party hygienist do a pre-and post-inspection to make sure you are getting what you are paying for.
  7. A vapor barrier that isn’t properly installed or is not 10 mil thick will not protect your home from moisture damage.
  8. Crawl space mitigation is a specialty that very few restoration companies have adequate knowledge, tools, and experience to do.
  9. There is no benefit in a partially mitigated crawl space. It can be like lighting money on fire.
  10. Mitigating your crawl space should not be a maintenance program. Choose a company that can identify the causes and the appropriate solutions and complete the work for you.

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