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Custom cabinets are all about custom fit and the accessories that are used to make your cabinets perform exactly to your specification.  Do you need more drawers, deeper drawers, custom divided drawers, pull out shelves or maybe glass doors for your upper cabinets.  Then there is accent lighting and under counter lighting.  The possibilities are endless.  You are limited only by your budget and your imagination.  We have customers that know exactly what they want and others that have some idea, but need help deciding and then we have customers that just want a new look or new functionality and don’t have a clue even how to get started.  We can meet your needs regardless of which group you fall in.  Our design team is ready to help you solve your cabinet needs. 

All cabinets are not created equal.  There is a difference between a box store cabinet and a custom cabinet and then there are differences between custom cabinet makers.  Box store cabinets are usually made of poor quality materials with a low quality finish.  The cabinet box itself is often made of ½” melamine (pressboard covered with plastic laminate) and the back is usually ¼”or sometimes 1/8” melamine.  While the face of the cabinet is solid wood, the finish is on the lower end of quality.  Corners will often be held together with staples and plastic keepers.  The weight of stone countertops will often cause these cabinets to fail over time.

Custom cabinets run the full gambit from ready to assembly poor quality to extremely well built cabinets that will last a lifetime.  A top quality custom cabinet is made of ¾” veneer plywood with at least 9 ply veneer core.  The more layers of veneer the better.  Interlocking joints on the box, ¾” plywood construction, dovetail or interlocking hardwood drawer boxes, high end conversion varnish finish on the inside and outside of the cabinet and professional installation.














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