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Duct cleaning is often overlooked as a part of maintaining a healthy home or business.  When you stop and think about it, it’s a little frightening that we spend countless hours making sure our bathrooms are cleaned, floors swept and mopped, carpets vacuumed, and furniture dusted, but we never give a moment’s thought to the quality of the air we are breathing.  Cleaning or at least inspecting your duct work every couple of years will help ensure that you are breathing healthy clean air.


When someone gets sick, we often reach for a can of disinfectant and spray the air thinking we a have improved the air quality.  The reality is that your HVAC system exchanges the air in your house twice an hour. So those germs are already all over your house.  This is also true of dust mites and anything else that may be in your duct work.


So what do we do to clean your duct work?  We use a machine manufactured by Rotobrush called a Brush Beast.  This machine is a high-powered vacuum with a spinning brush on the end of the hose.  The hose is fed through your vents, guided by a camera so that we can see everything in your duct work.  At times it is necessary to add a negative air machine to vacuum debris in large ducts. All the dust and debris from your duct work is bagged and all exhaust from the negative air and the Brush Beast is HEPA filtered to insure all debris is captured and taken away from your home.





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