Fire & Smoke Process

A fire loss has several components. The first is the mitigation where all the burned debris and water-damaged structure is removed and/or dried. Secondly, all contents needs to be inventoried. The person who does this creates three separate lists: 1)Items that can be cleaned and restored; 2)Items that are damaged beyond restoration and need to be disposed of; and 3)Items that are not affected, but need to be moved off site. Finally, the last component is the actual reconstruction.

The process usually begins with an investigation into the cause of the fire. This is instigated by either the fire department or the insurance company’s Cause and Origin team. Once the cause and origin of the fire are determined and the structure is released to the restoration company that you have chosen, the insurance adjuster and the restoration company work together to write a scope for the repairs.

The restoration process moves slowly. Initially, comes the shock of realizing that some items are damaged beyond recovery. Then comes the painstaking effort to list all items in the home or business and dispose of them correctly. When the contractor and insurance company have agreed on the estimate for restoring your structure and the structure is empty, reconstruction can begin.

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