Carpet Cleaning


Quality carpet cleaning has several components:

  1. the technician
  2. the chemical
  3. and the equipment

First of all, a certified technician understands carpet fiber, types of soil, and the chemistry necessary to be successful at cleaning all types of carpet. Secondly, using only the best and latest chemistry insures that carpet is left clean and residue-free. Third, state-of-the-art carpet cleaning equipment assists with not only better results but faster drying time, as well. Using all three components and an adequate cleaning schedule will result in your carpets lasting for years to come.

Will cleaning my carpet cause it to resoil quickly?
Not if it is cleaned properly. Bringing the carpet back to a neutral PH and using residue-free detergents is paramount to returning carpet to its original state.
Do you use hot-water extraction?
Yes. We have both truck-mounted and portable hot-water extraction units.
How long will it take for my carpets to dry?
Generally speaking, three to four hours. Sometimes a little longer if we apply carpet protectant, which slows down the drying process.
What is carpet protectant?
Carpet protectant is often referred to as Scotch Guard. Protectant is a soil and stain resistant chemical that is applied to your carpet at the factory. Cleaning your carpet removes this chemical. However, it can be reapplied during the cleaning process.
Do you move furniture?
Yes. Typically, we move desk mats and chairs and small tables. We ask that personal belongings be picked up off the floor. We do not move large pieces.
How often should we plan on cleaning our carpets?
At least once a year. Ideally, carpets should be cleaned twice a year, especially if they get heavy traffic. Sometimes, it’s even necessary to clean certain traffic areas on a quarterly basis.
How do I keep my warranty on my carpets in force?
Carpet must be cleaned on an annual basis by a certified firm and carpet protectant reapplied to maintain a good warranty.
How far ahead do we need to schedule?
Generally speaking, we are at least two weeks out.
Can you clean after hours?

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