In June 2013, our neighborhood experience a rainfall of 9 inches in a 2 hour time period. We have a walk-out, finished basement in our home. At the time, about 3/4 of the basement was carpeted. The basement quickly flooded to a depth of about 6-8 inches throughout.

I sought help from friends, one of whom is in commercial construction. He told me that I would need professional help for the initial clean-up and suggested I call the Bixler Corporation.

I called right away to the office number that he gave me. The gentleman who answered the phone connected me immediately to David Bixler. David was at my house in about 30 minutes to give me an estimate on what would be needed to both clean up the immediate damage, and then work to prevent further damage.

David and his crew were at my house for the next 10 days. As I was not able to take off work to be home throughout the clean-up time, they were very flexible to be at my home the hours I could be there. They worked late every evening.
Everyone I had contact with throughout the clean-up was friendly and professional. Although the carpet was not salvageable, the work they did kept the drywall intact with no molding and minimal damage. They even moved the larger pieces of furniture around to accommodate the drying process.

I would definitely recommend the Bixler Corporation to anyone who is needing assistance with disaster clean-up.

Linda Thompson

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