Choosing the Bixler Corporation to restore our home after basement water damage was one of the best decisions we have ever made. Mr. Jim Clark assessed our situation, walked us through the extent of the damage, and fully explained the processes and costs of what would be required to correct the damage.
Mr. Clark and Mr. David Bixler also took time from their busy schedule to both assess and discuss the options available to us to mitigate the cause of the basement water intrusion. While their company does not perform that type of work, their expertise was invaluable to us in deciding what course of action we should pursue to correct the situation. Never having dealt with this kind of situation before, their assessment and recommendation was exactly what we needed to calm down and get our mitigation plans in order. The restoration technicians (Mr. Nate Beaty and Mr. Preston Cook) did a fantastic job of getting our finished basement back to livable condition in a short period of time. We are very pleased with the advice/direction provided and the work that was done.
We wanted to express our thanks and appreciation to Mr. Jim Clark, Mr. David Bixler, and the Bixler team for their knowledge and help in restoring our home.

Steven Jeude

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