Donna & Les Charles

” I had two other companies who did work. One tried to improve ventilation, drainage, piers and replacing floor joists. The other dealt with a mold problem and high humidity level. Mold returned in a little over a year. Only suggestion they had was to add more humidistat vent fans and clean the mold off.

Saw an advertisement in the paper and on tv about Bixler. We went to meet with them. They sent a representative out to evaluate the problem. Came up with a plan. All the employees were knowledgeable and eager to work. The quality of their work such as removing mold, drainage, installation of vapor barrier and installing dehumidifier was superior. Plus, they warranty their work which is transferrable if you join the plan. ”



Larry L. Ellis

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Steven and Karen Jeude video testimonial

I want to compliment the technician who cleaned our dryer vent/duct today. I do not recall his name but the initials on the invoice appear to be W. E.  This is the first time we have had the system cleaned since we built the house in 2004 and, consequently, we had no idea of the problems that would crop up due to the location and length of the duct, numerous 90 degree angles and the fact that a blower had been installed. This man worked diligently for approximately four hours on a job which, as I understand it, was expected to take an hour and a half. Despite the frustrating nature of the job, he remained polite and professional and willingly took time to explain the issues. Based on my observations today, I would not hesitate to recommend your company to others.

Vicki Anderson

Choosing the Bixler Corporation to restore our home after basement water damage was one of the best decisions we have ever made. Mr. Jim Clark assessed our situation, walked us through the extent of the damage, and fully explained the processes and costs of what would be required to correct the damage.
Mr. Clark and Mr. David Bixler also took time from their busy schedule to both assess and discuss the options available to us to mitigate the cause of the basement water intrusion. While their company does not perform that type of work, their expertise was invaluable to us in deciding what course of action we should pursue to correct the situation. Never having dealt with this kind of situation before, their assessment and recommendation was exactly what we needed to calm down and get our mitigation plans in order. The restoration technicians (Mr. Nate Beaty and Mr. Preston Cook) did a fantastic job of getting our finished basement back to livable condition in a short period of time. We are very pleased with the advice/direction provided and the work that was done.
We wanted to express our thanks and appreciation to Mr. Jim Clark, Mr. David Bixler, and the Bixler team for their knowledge and help in restoring our home.

Steven Jeude

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Chris Douglas - Harry Cooper Supply Testimonial

Steak 'n Shake Testimonial after fire

Water Damage Testimonial

Connelly Plumbing Testimonial

In June 2013, our neighborhood experience a rainfall of 9 inches in a 2 hour time period. We have a walk-out, finished basement in our home. At the time, about 3/4 of the basement was carpeted. The basement quickly flooded to a depth of about 6-8 inches throughout.

I sought help from friends, one of whom is in commercial construction. He told me that I would need professional help for the initial clean-up and suggested I call the Bixler Corporation.

I called right away to the office number that he gave me. The gentleman who answered the phone connected me immediately to David Bixler. David was at my house in about 30 minutes to give me an estimate on what would be needed to both clean up the immediate damage, and then work to prevent further damage.

David and his crew were at my house for the next 10 days. As I was not able to take off work to be home throughout the clean-up time, they were very flexible to be at my home the hours I could be there. They worked late every evening.
Everyone I had contact with throughout the clean-up was friendly and professional. Although the carpet was not salvageable, the work they did kept the drywall intact with no molding and minimal damage. They even moved the larger pieces of furniture around to accommodate the drying process.

I would definitely recommend the Bixler Corporation to anyone who is needing assistance with disaster clean-up.

Linda Thompson

I just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you for the work your company did for us. It is a rare company where the owner is the one who makes first contact on a job bid. I am very impressed at the sense of urgency your crew had when it came to ensuring a safe work environment for my employees. And the work your team did was completely unobtrusive, If I hadn’t seen the finished work I wouldn’t have known it was being done. Your crew was very clean and very professional. I have no doubt who I will be calling if I need this type of work done in the future

Brad PhillipsHeart of America Beverage Company

We recently had a very wet disaster in our extremely busy office. Before panic had a chance to set in, David Bixler was on the scene, informing us that things weren’t as bad as they seemed. His calm reassurance and detailed explanation of his very clear plan, combined with his very capable team, allowed him to make good on his reassurance. The company’s professionalism and efficiency were top-notch and greatly appreciated. I’m hopeful that you’ll never have a disaster that requires the Bixler Corporation’s assistance, but if misfortune does make an unwanted and surprise visit to your home or business., don’t hesitate to contact David.

Dr. Steve RiceVision ClinicSpringfield, MO

My law firm hired Bixler Corporation to clean our carpets and ceramic tile flooring. The job was done in a very professional and timely manner. The floors have never looked better and I feel that we have extended the life of our carpets by using their services. I have also had Bixler Corporation clean a rug for my personal residence and am very satisfied with the results. I highly recommend their services.

Pat SweeneyAttorneyHall, Ansley, Rodgers & Sweeney, P.C.Springfield, MO

David Bixler and the Bixler Corporation exceeded our requirements on a recent project cleanup in our Investment Services area. I could not believe it was the same place. They did a great job, on time, and at a good price.

Jim BrandenburghChief Financial OfficerEmpire BankSpringfield, MO

We have worked with Bixler Corporation for many years now. Their staff goes above and beyond to provide us with best service possible. They always meet or exceed or expectations and are a real pleasure to work with.

Nancy HerchenroederProperty Manager / BrokerBill Beall Inc.

Bixler Corporation
226 South Dysart Avenue
Springfield, MO 65802

Phone: 417.882.0043

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