Water Damage Restoration TIPS

Professional mitigation companies rely on software called XACTIMATE to generate a restoration scope of work. Xactimate has become the industry standard and determines the amount to charge a client.

  1. If you have standing water in your structure, the electrical breakers for that area should be shut off.
  2. Find your central shut-off valve, and shut off your water.
  3. The faster a loss is mitigated, the less damage and the lower the cost. Time is of the essence.
  4. Not getting all the wet materials completely dry can cause serious long-term damage and create an unhealthy environment.
  5. If your loss was caused by a plumbing problem, contact the plumber immediately. The plumbing problem must be fixed before mitigation can be accomplished.
  6. Oftentimes the insurance company will want to have the failed hose or pipe or fitting in order to potentially subrogate against the installer or manufacturer. Be sure to save it.
  7. A reputable restoration company will be glad to assess your loss and help you make a decision as to whether you want to file an insurance claim or not.
  8. If you lossr is significant, contact your insurance agent to file a claim. Understand that it may be several days before an adjuster can come to look at your loss.
  9. Getting materials and structures dry requires equipment and uncomfortable temperatures and noise created by the drying machines. If this makes your home or office uninhabitable, an insurance company will oftentimes compensate a client for any added expense incurred while drying takes place.
  10. The drying process is referred to as mitigation. Putting everything back the way it was is referred to as reconstruction. Reconstruction and mitigation will be treated by the insurance company and by the contractor as two separate pieces of a single claim. You may hire two different companies to handle each piece of a claim.
  11. The average mitigation takes between three and five days with hardwood floors and other specialty types of drying taking sometimes seven or more days.
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