What to Expect from a Professional Carpet Cleaning Job

  • Trained technicians who pre-inspect carpet to identify construction and fiber, evaluate cleaning needs, and recommend an appropriate cleaning method.
  • No hidden fees—consumers have the right to expect itemized services with set prices. While additional services may be offered at additional costs, customers will never feel pressured to accept any services other than those requested and approved.
  • All cleaning and specialty equipment and agents used in the cleaning process will be used in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s regulations and recommendations.
  • A written workmanship guarantee. While some circumstances may be presented that are beyond a technician’s control, responsible workmanship will be present in any work performed.
  • Regardless of the cleaning method used, all carpet will be pre-vacuumed, with special emphasis on high traffic areas.
  • Moving of furniture to access and clean carpet beneath is considered a normal part of professional cleaning. Unless otherwise specified, furniture will be moved during cleaning, with the exception of items such as fish tanks, water beds, loaded china cabinets, computers, pianos, and antiques.
  • Special attention will be paid to spots and stains. Extensive spot treatments may incur additional charges; customers will be advised of such charges before extensive procedures are performed.
  • Although additional costs may occur with use in extreme soiling situations, use of pre-conditioning treatment in heavily-soiled areas is included in the cost of cleaning.
  • Carpet drying time should never exceed twenty-four hours. The amount of time required for drying varies based on cleaning method and degree of soiling, and is also dependent on customer cooperation.

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